The Show Must Go On.......

I recently moved out to LA as off 4 months ago. I have taken one acting class in January. I currently work at a Jersey Mikes and am saving money for more acting classes in the near future. Life is full of adventures and risks and I want to be living in the moment for every second of it!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Extra Extra!

Well, today was my first day working as an extra. I called a extra agency for a rush call and thankfully they decided to use me on the set of an upcoming TV series on NBC called Free Agents. First and foremost I must say, I met great people, amazing crafted crew members, and terrific actors!! I appreciate every ones part in making a film. If you had no small parts you would have no big roles! Everyone to me has a big role...equally. In order to be organized and be successful everyone has their own craft to pitch in. Everyone is truly born talented, each talent slightly different from the other! Which is why we all need to work and get along with one another!
My day started at 10:30, they took me straight to sign in and then off to the costume department. I wore pants, then found out I was supposed to be dressed up fancy (oops) . So the wonderful woman at the costume department saved my life! She dressed me up with jewelry, shoes, and everything nice! Next the shuttled us to the set, which today was at Eva Longoria's Restaurant in Hollywood. Being an extra there is tons of waiting around, but hey you are getting paid to wait around?!?! I waited around for most of the morning but then they called me in for a scene sitting at a table. They told me to slowly eat chocolate cake! When the camera was facing opposite of my area, I was able to watch the actors/ actresses act. This to me was the best part of my day, they were able to turn on this switch and be different people instantly! And they were believable! I noticed one important thing, they mostly focused on listening to their partners, not their lines! This is why I believed it was real. They listened and then responded!
So even though I am still trying to save money for acting classes, today I was able to learn one huge acing lesson listen, always listen! For the lesson on life, I realize that everyone on Earth has something special to them, and in order to finish our puzzle we need everyone, just how they are!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sheer Luck!!

Well today I have had sheer luck in my life and I am incredibly grateful for that! I went in to film what was supposed to be a supporting role with 2 pages of lines, and came out with Lead!! The poor girl who was to play the Lead /Sara, ended up with pretty bad food poisoning. So the director bumped me to Lead, and had a girl who auditioned for my role play Miranda (my old role)! Filming this short was amazing! I started work at 9 am and ended at 5 pm, with a half hour break.....and I really did work the entire time! Crazy thing is I enjoyed every second of it and time flew past me! There was a huge difference between my first film and this one. This film was a true set with 10 or more people working cameras, lights, noise, mics, and much more! When we filmed, we shot one page at a time, and it usually took an hour. For one page we would shoot 2-8 takes, each time a camera facing different angles ( over the shoulder, close up, wide angle, ect). For break they would make sure to have food and water, such a nice thing to do! My last scene was amazing..... it was just me in front of the camera and well all the other crew and actors in the back. I was scared out of my mind..... but when action was called out I went straight into acting like i was meant for this! One word AMAZING!  I hope too have many more acting jobs in the near future, maybe even get some agents. But for now I am extremely grateful and happy for my luck today, family, friend, shelter, food, and the privilege to dream big!  :)

Oh and I finally found a nice hostess job in Beverly hills  :) Start tomorrow morning!
Thank you for all reading my blog and I hope you all have an amazing week and get some sheer luck coming your way!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

When it rains it pours

This week has been quite the hectic week. After a pretty hard week at work, the other day I came home to a Lily mess! She had gone to the bathroom (#2) all over the house and inside her kennel, so much that she was covered in her own mess! Very disgusting, when I took her outside I saw she had blood on her bottom! It scared me so bad I took her straight to the vet. I guess her garbage digging caught up to her and gave her a parasite. So for now I am giving her medicine so she can get better:) The vet did cost an arm and a leg though  :(   The next day when omid went to work we found out he has a completely flat tire that cannot be fixed  :(   I believe I not so great luck is over now. The saying goes when it rains it pours, but after the storm is when the grass is bright green, you can see gorgeous rainbows, and the sun shines its brightest! I am lucky to have great friends and family.... and in the end that is what truly counts! :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011


    Two weeks ago my wonderful boyfriend bought me a membership to LA casting, a website where I can apply for all types of films.  My first audition was for a student short film called Edge of Thorns, I auditioned for a Lead Role in this film and actually received the part! Working on the set of this film was amazing, the crew were great, the director Jenny Dang was talented and wonderful, and the other actors/ actresses were talented. The shoot took up to 7 hours. During the shoot, we did our scenes in a repetitious manner but still trying to have a authentic reaction in each scene. After this shoot I found out how hard it is to be an actress if you truly work hard every moment you are on set. I think you have to be ready to work and work hard even when you are not on camera. There is always something for me to do to push myself farther and become a better actress. 
     My second audition was for a student "webisode " in which I auditioned for a supporting role. This day was quite an adventure. It started in the morning when I went to work and my tire popped! I walked home and decided to stop being upset, things happen for reasons. I made a choice to be an actress and I would go to that audition no matter what. So I walked around my block to find someone to print out headshots and resumes but no one would. So I took what was last of my money, walked to a target, bought a printer, then walked that sucker home! That was an extremely long 20 minute walk, on the bright side I toned my arms! After I printed my headshot and resume I grabbed my stuff, walked to a grocery store to get change, then walked around to find a bus. Luckily I found a bus that could take me some of the way (10 minutes), then when I was dropped off I finished walking to the school where I had never visited before. The walk there was roughly 35 minutes. The audition went great! The crew thought i was funny and they liked me, but my hair color and height didn't match what they were looking for. They sent me a wonderful email stating they liked my audition and will keep me in mind for other episodes. I walked home for 1.5 hours, but the entire time I could not stop smiling. I was proud of myself! I have now realized I am strong and I wont fall apart. I came out here to follow a dream and nothing can stop me! Not even if it takes my entire life trying to get there. Because in the end its the journey, not the destination we all remember!

The show must go on.....

Its been a long time since I first blogged and many things have happened! I will first start off with me moving to LA on New Years Day for an acting workshop that lasted a full month. I moved into a community apartment with 2 of my best friends in the world! Vicki is from Argentia and Holly is from Australia, they are both wonderful people and amazing friends! Being able to act everyday made me feel happy with myself and complete for the first time. I knew after the second day acting is what I want to do for the rest of my life! I am able to live in the moment, explore myself, and explore other characters. After the month had finished I went back to Utah to officially move to LA and bring my boyfriend Omid with me. I ended up staying until the last week of February.

I officially moved back to LA the last week of February, I was lucky to find a job and move out here to pursue my dream of acting! I lived out here with my dog for 2 months before omid could move out here, it was not bad. I worked many hours and toured the city when i was not working. After omid moved out here we moved from an apartment on Doheny Drive (Beverly Hills) to a wonderful place in West Hollywood. Its been amazing living in this wonderful neighborhood that is right above Melrose!

I am grateful for having wonderful family and friends, having a job, being able to live in LA, and being able to live and breath every second I have!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halloween is near

HALLOWEEN time is near! Today my mom and I went to the spirit halloween store in riverdale. There are so many neat decorations we went a little crazy getting things to decorate her house! I also was able to find a costume that is modest and cute, which is very hard to find. This year I am going to be a flapper girl from the 20's. I love being able to dress up for halloween and be someone else, I guess that is the actress in me. I do have to say I dont understand the costumes of the "bunny" and short dresses. I like dressing more modest to show my cousins and niece and nephew that it is good to stand up and be strong even if the rest of the crowd doesn't. 
Also today is my aunt sheila's GROW party in downtown ogden, it will be a great time. I am going as my moms date, what a great mother/ daughter day! Love you mom!
Well that is all for today, hope everyone has a great week!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New to Blogging

This is my first blog, I have always been interested in creating one so here i am! I love to act and be around my family!