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I recently moved out to LA as off 4 months ago. I have taken one acting class in January. I currently work at a Jersey Mikes and am saving money for more acting classes in the near future. Life is full of adventures and risks and I want to be living in the moment for every second of it!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Extra Extra!

Well, today was my first day working as an extra. I called a extra agency for a rush call and thankfully they decided to use me on the set of an upcoming TV series on NBC called Free Agents. First and foremost I must say, I met great people, amazing crafted crew members, and terrific actors!! I appreciate every ones part in making a film. If you had no small parts you would have no big roles! Everyone to me has a big role...equally. In order to be organized and be successful everyone has their own craft to pitch in. Everyone is truly born talented, each talent slightly different from the other! Which is why we all need to work and get along with one another!
My day started at 10:30, they took me straight to sign in and then off to the costume department. I wore pants, then found out I was supposed to be dressed up fancy (oops) . So the wonderful woman at the costume department saved my life! She dressed me up with jewelry, shoes, and everything nice! Next the shuttled us to the set, which today was at Eva Longoria's Restaurant in Hollywood. Being an extra there is tons of waiting around, but hey you are getting paid to wait around?!?! I waited around for most of the morning but then they called me in for a scene sitting at a table. They told me to slowly eat chocolate cake! When the camera was facing opposite of my area, I was able to watch the actors/ actresses act. This to me was the best part of my day, they were able to turn on this switch and be different people instantly! And they were believable! I noticed one important thing, they mostly focused on listening to their partners, not their lines! This is why I believed it was real. They listened and then responded!
So even though I am still trying to save money for acting classes, today I was able to learn one huge acing lesson listen, always listen! For the lesson on life, I realize that everyone on Earth has something special to them, and in order to finish our puzzle we need everyone, just how they are!

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