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I recently moved out to LA as off 4 months ago. I have taken one acting class in January. I currently work at a Jersey Mikes and am saving money for more acting classes in the near future. Life is full of adventures and risks and I want to be living in the moment for every second of it!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sheer Luck!!

Well today I have had sheer luck in my life and I am incredibly grateful for that! I went in to film what was supposed to be a supporting role with 2 pages of lines, and came out with Lead!! The poor girl who was to play the Lead /Sara, ended up with pretty bad food poisoning. So the director bumped me to Lead, and had a girl who auditioned for my role play Miranda (my old role)! Filming this short was amazing! I started work at 9 am and ended at 5 pm, with a half hour break.....and I really did work the entire time! Crazy thing is I enjoyed every second of it and time flew past me! There was a huge difference between my first film and this one. This film was a true set with 10 or more people working cameras, lights, noise, mics, and much more! When we filmed, we shot one page at a time, and it usually took an hour. For one page we would shoot 2-8 takes, each time a camera facing different angles ( over the shoulder, close up, wide angle, ect). For break they would make sure to have food and water, such a nice thing to do! My last scene was amazing..... it was just me in front of the camera and well all the other crew and actors in the back. I was scared out of my mind..... but when action was called out I went straight into acting like i was meant for this! One word AMAZING!  I hope too have many more acting jobs in the near future, maybe even get some agents. But for now I am extremely grateful and happy for my luck today, family, friend, shelter, food, and the privilege to dream big!  :)

Oh and I finally found a nice hostess job in Beverly hills  :) Start tomorrow morning!
Thank you for all reading my blog and I hope you all have an amazing week and get some sheer luck coming your way!

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